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Dear Friends…

A couple of weeks ago we started doing the weekly “whats working now” SEO webinars… and after deciding to do the 2nd week about the impact of social shares on rankings and run a couple of quick case studies which i shared on the webinar with page 1 rankings (just from Social shares!),  i decided that we needed to automate this as fast as possible.
So i asked my coder to make a tool that does the exact things i need it to do to replicate the same page 1 rankings formula and he agreed, and Voila…within a week..
We have a New Commando Tool and it is astounding!
Its a social syndication tool but when i looked at what was around and when mapping out the details i started with the problems of syndication tools and then we automated the answers.

This is what happened…

PLEASE READ EVERY WORD To Understand The Real Power of The Opportunity That You Have In Front Of You Right Now!

Social Backlinks are more powerful than ever as we enter 2014, but more importantly social shares build an influencer type authority status for people with social accounts that always get a high volume of shares, the search results always award authority/social influencer figures which means increased rankings & traffic!…

BUT…Here’s the first problem…The old sites we used to use like and onlywire have either disappeared or have become paid services, but that’s not the main issue, the REAL issue is that they only send you one link from each site every single time,and its always the same accounts on the same sites every single time, and almost always its from the same content provider…talk about leaving a footprint for Google to see!

There are other issues too… Getting Social Backlinks is great, but all of the tools including those you can buy as premium products from launches are doing just one thing…social whats the problem?

They Do Not Take Into Account Social Shares!

Social shares is where your content is first tweeted or posted on twitter or tumblr for example and then others coming along and retweet or reblog,  it works even better if there is a bunch of loyal followers and Google notices this!….this is far more natural and without these two main elements of random accounts being used each time (never the exact same accounts every time) and social shares you may as well send a postcard to Google and apologize for being a dumb ass and promise not to do it again!

But That Still Doesn’t Take Everything Into Account…There Is One More MAJOR Problem…All The Shares And Backlinks Are Sent To The Exact Same URL!

So How Do We Deal With This Issue?

The Answer?…

Multiple short urls that allow for 301 permanent redirect so that you can still get all the link juice!

After ALL Of That There is Yet Another HUGE Issue...

The Anchor Text, Headlines and Social Share Messages Are Often The Same!

The Answer?…

Ability to Spin These Share Messages With Spin Rewriter, Best Spinner OR Manually!

BUT We Still Have One More MASSIVE GIGANTIC Problem…

All These Social Links & Shares Shares Are Done At The Exact Same Time!

The Answer?…

The First Link is a Post From ONE account from each social site…and This is very Important…the rest are sharing of that post (twitter retweets, delicious saves, reddit vote up, tumblr reblogs etc)

But also these Initial Social Posts Are Done With A Time Delay (Drip Feed) For The Same Day AND then Followed UP With Drip Feed Social Shares, Bookmarks, Retweets and Votes!!

And We ARE Not Finished YET…What About The IP Addresses That The Social Posts & Shares Were Made From?…

They Are Always The SAME…Argggh!!

Don’t Worry, I have Taken Care of That For You Too!:)

Danny Sullivan From Search Engine Land did a recent hangout which he stated that part of the recent Google hummingbird update was to allow Google to process signals other than links, such as signals from social platforms!

The Good news is that i have been on the case with these issues and have created a Tool that takes care of all these issues and a lot more…

So Who Am I And Why Should You Listen?

My name is Tony Hayes, I have been doing SEO since 1998 full time and have created over 40 SEO software Products & Courses in the last year alone!

Those that know me know that i create unique, high quality strategies from the trenches, which i then tweak and develop and finally automate into software to make them push button easy for my customers.

I have hundreds of people turn up every single week for my free weekly webinars to listen to my latest strategies and learn about whats working now in SEO.  I have Facebook groups of more than  1000 people and a buyers list of over 10,000 people in the last year alone!

My Commando SEO Software Products have sold thousands of copies and my audience is growing by the day…


Because i know SEO, and i am a serial strategy creator (who shares information freely that others would scrape out your pockets for), and this ultimately results in being a serial product creator of  high quality, fast ranking software products that nobody on the planet can create as they are built around my own unique tried, tested and proven to work strategies that only i have.

Today I Am VERY Excited Because…

There’s A New Commando In Town!..

Is This The Best One Ever?

We have created so many great Commando SEO tools  that its real hard for me to say, and they just keep getting better and better!…but this tool is doing things that no other tool that i am aware of can do and its

“Push Button Simple”!

Please Watch This Full Demo Video!

Want To See More?…

Plus Get The Social Account Creator To Do All The heavy Lifting Of Account Creation For You!

Social Account Commando

Creates Social Accounts For You As Well As Hotmail Accounts With Email Verify Ability!


The Google Suggester Tool!

Perfect For Semantic Search Which Is A Major Change In Google Latest Algorithm Updates

Google Suggestor Tool

Google Suggester Tool Helps You Find Semantic Phrases…Use These To Help Make Your Content Even More Awesome & Rank Easily For Additional Keyword Phrases!

Unsolicited Testimonials

deon tesimonial STC

More Testimonials To Be Added!…

The Tool Is Just over 1 week old and some people are still getting their accounts set up

The new account creator tool is being sent out to existing customers today

Time of writing this is Friday 24th January…

Social Traffic Commando X

  • Step 1. Add Social Accounts To The Tool or Get A Virtual Assistant To Do That For You (You Can Add Unlimited Accounts For Every Social Site In The Tool)
  • Step 2. After You Make A Blog Post Just Write a Spinnable Share Message & Click Update
  • Ermm..THATS IT!... Sit Back & Relax Or Go Get Started On Your Next Piece Of Epic Content:)

Nothing complicated, we have done all the complicated stuff in the background for you already!…This is what happens after you click that update button…

  • We have made it so that ONE social account will make a post on each social site
  • A random amount of other social accounts will do a social share on that post…it will NEVER be the exact same accounts every time doing the social sharing and there will always be a random number of social shares for every piece of content that you create!
  • It will always be done on drip feed and this replicates a Real campaign!
  • And because of the drip feed ability and using only one account from each social site to do a first social share of the original blog post, it takes very limited resources from your WordPress site!…the rest of the accounts are just replicating what an army of loyal followers would do and that’s share your content.
  • But You Also Have Control…If you want to get some fast retweets for example,  and not the other social shares then no problem the tool allows you to do that!

This Is Taking Social Syndication Tools To A Completely New Level!…

In fact its not just syndication this is “One Click” Social SEO!

Social media can be time consuming! Sure you can buy social shares, but it soon builds up and becomes one of those costs that you don’t see initially as high, but over time it compounds into a hefty annual amount for serious SEO’s and Social Media marketers…Or Even worse it takes time to prepare and do and you end up doing nothing

This Tool Eradicates The Long Term Expenses Period!…And It Takes Just 1 Minute To DO!

Problems Solved!

Solve ALL Your Social SEO Problems With This Powerful Tool!

  • Links From SAME Sites Every Time…FIXED!
  • Social Traffic Commando Allows You To Mix Up What Sites To Post To EVERY Time
  • Links From SAME Social Accounts Every Time…FIXED!
  • Social Traffic Commando Will Post From Random Accounts EVERY Time
  • Links To SAME Url Every Time…FIXED!
  • Social Traffic Commando Will Post Various Short Urls With 301 Permanent Redirect Links EVERY Time!
  • Social Links With NO Social Shares…FIXED!
  • Social Traffic Commando Will Post Random Social Backlinks From Some Accounts & Then Follow UP With Social Shares Like Tweets and Reblogs Randomly EVERY Time!
  • Just ONE Link From Each Site Every Time…FIXED!
  • Social Traffic Commando Will Never Post From The Same Sites OR Accounts And Always Randomize The Accounts Posted From And The Number Of Social Backlinks & Social Shares EVERY Time!
  • Same Anchor Text, Headlines & Social Share Message Used Every Time…FIXED!
  • Social Traffic Commando Will Vary Your Anchor Text, Headlines AND Social Share Message Every Time To Remove Footprints Rank Your Content Regardless Of Google Updates Now & In The Future!
  • Posting From Same IP Address Every Time…FIXED!
  • Social Traffic Commando Can Be Used With Proxies, But Some Sites Use Api Keys and Secret Keys So Proxies Are Not Needed For Those And We Have Even Automated The Finding & Integrating Of These keys For You Into One Click Too!
  • No Time To Do Social Media Marketing Every Day & For Every Niche You Are In?…No Problem This Tool Will Make Sure That Every Piece Of Content That You Create In Any Niche Site Will Have Social Shares & Social Proof. Jump Starting a Viral Effect & Increasing Your Rankings Naturally

Is This The Most Powerful One Click Social SEO Tool Ever!

Get It Today While Its Still Version 1.0 At The Beta Tester Price!

This Is For 5 Site License!

(To Keep This Offer Completely Transparent There Is An OTO For Unlimited Site License After You Purchase And That Offer Comes With An Advanced Version Of The Social Account Creator As Well As An ADDITIONAL WordPress Plugin For Even More Power!…However You May Not Need More Than 5 Sites The Power Of This Tool Is Unparalleled And Comes With The Core Social Account Creator Which Will Have More Sites Added! )

Social Traffic Commando

Feature Box Title

  • Add Unlimited Accts For The Following Sites:
  • Twitter, Social Traffic Commando Will Post One Tweet and Then Will Do A Random Number of Retweets
  • Tumblr, Social Traffic Commando Will Post One Blog and Then Will Do A Random Number of Reblogs
  • Plurk, Social Traffic Commando Will Post A Random Amount Of Bookmarks
  • ***Linkedin,  Social Traffic Commando Will Post A Random Amount Of Shares
  • Delicious, Social Traffic Commando Will Post A Random Amount Of  Saves
  • Diigo, Social Traffic Commando Will Post A Random Amount Of Bookmarks
  • Reddit, Social Traffic Commando Will Post One Reddit Post And The A Random Amount Of Votes (Will Vote Up!!)
  • The original posts will get bookmarked too!
  • Currently Working On Adding Pinterest & Stumble Upon PLUS More bookmarking Sites
  • If You Set Up Your Authority Account That Does The Original Social Post Properly In Their Site Settings You Can Have Automation To Other Sites Too, For Example You Can Set Your Main Live Journal Account To Post To Facebook!
  • More Sites To Be Added Including Pinterest & StumbleUpon


What Do ALL Of These Social Sites Have In Common?…


These are some of the highest traffic and high page rank sites around.

Getting on to the first page on some of these sites WILL RESULT IN HUGE TRAFFIC.

You Now Have The Ability To Make This Happen…Its ALL In Your OWN Hands

… How?

Using The Plugin Properly And That Means Adding More Social Accounts Gradually!

Creating Content Worthy Of Being Shared!

Getting High amounts of shares within some of these platforms can put you on their homes page which results in insane traffic!

When You Buy This Plugin Today You Will Automatically Be Registered For 3 Webinars On Social SEO & Traffic!


Social Account Creator!

My desktop software coders are working right now on building a social account creator for these sites, It should be ready within one week and i will remove this text when it is complete. The account creator will also come with an email verifier…This is bundled into your purchase at the Beta testers price!

Webinar 1

Learn About The Individual Sites

  • The Type Of Content That Thrives On Each One
  • The Community Mentality
  • How They Work
  • And The Strategies I Have Automated For You In The Plugin For Each Site!

Webinar 2

What It Takes To Hit Page ONE On Some Of These Sites

  • Best Guide To Maximizing The Plugin:
  • How & Where To Get Accounts Done
  • How Many Accounts For Each
  • When & How Often To Add More Accounts To Build Massive Power Naturally!

Webinar 3

Screw The Guru’s!

  • 2 Hour Q & A Session
  • Honest And Real Feedback From The Trenches
  • And A SPECIAL Bonus At The End Of The Webinar!!!

So What’s The Cost & How Do I Get My Hands On The Ultimate Social SEO Tool?

You Can Get This Tool Today For Just….

This is a First Edition Price & I Will Be Increasing the Price For This Unlimited License Version to $197.00 By The Time We Do A Major Launch!…Yep That’s Right, You Get Unlimited Site License If You Buy Today But Hurry! I Will Increase The Price After We Get Just 250 First Edition Buyers!

Social Traffic Commando